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The Panorama

Women and BIPOC are grossly underrepresented in venture capital. According to a U.S. Government Accountability Office publication, firms owned by Women and BIPOC manage only 1% of the $70 trillion in assets under management in the US. Data from a Kauffman Fellow’s study show a large discrepancy between the Latino/a working-age population in the United States (17%) and Latino/a startup executives (2.6%).[iii]

This underutilization of human capital is a result of systemic barriers [iv]. Allocating investment capital to existing Venture Capital Funds that have General Partners that are Women and BIPOC managers can accelerate economic equity. 

Founding GP Showcase

The Founding GP Showcase is a marquee invite-only event to showcase Latino/a-led venture firms. The event features topical discussions and presentations by Latino/a GPs who are actively raising capital. LPs are encouraged to attend and meet a group of diverse emerging managers.

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Annual Summit

SomosVC's largest annual event brings together VCs, limited partners, community members, and supporters to build relationships, learn from each other, and continue to reshape the venture capital industry.

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