We aim to increase the representation of Latino and Latina professionals in venture capital, help Latino/a venture investors build their careers and networks, and improve access to capital for Latino/a-led venture firms.

The U.S. venture capital (VC) industry is one of the growth engines of the U.S. economy, with over $164 billion invested in 2019. However, Latino/a investment professionals only make up an estimated 2% of the venture capital industry workforce despite comprising 19% of the U.S. population.

The mission of SomosVC is to:

Increase the representation of Latinos/as in VC

Support the career development of Latino/a VC investors

Build community among Latino/a VC investors

Provide educational resources related to representation in VC

Improve access to capital for Latino/a-led venture firms

Our history

June 2019
A group of nine Latino/a professionals in venture capital came together as they shared similar observations on the current state of the industry and ideas on how they could change the next generation of VCs to make significant progress in Latino/a representation
July 2019
The initial group of nine hosted 30+ Latino/a VCs in the industry for a large group brainstorming session in which the community discussed the core priorities for the organization and self-organized into the groups of the areas they would volunteer to lead.
Latinx team grows. A meeting of 30 latinos and latinas
November 2019
The organization hosted the first Social Happy Hour that included SomosVC members from across the U.S.
Latinos in a Social Happy Hour
September 2020
As Covid shut down most of our planned activities, we planned a wine tasting event with Frias Family Vineyard (a Latino owned winery).
Tweet and a photo of a Zoom call
October 2020
Educational virtual programming events, such as “Paths into Venture Capital” and industry-specific educational panels.
Flyer with the speakers of Paths Into Venture Capital event for October 6, 2020
Flyer with the speakers of Paths Into Venture Capital event for October 7, 2020
November 2020
An event for Latino/a emerging managers to share best fundraising practices
SomosVC officially incorporated and re-launched in partnership with founding sponsor, Silicon Valley Bank, in order to significantly grow the scale and impact of its efforts to help increase diversity in the venture capital industry.
silicon valley bank logo

Our organization legally incorporated with the support of Fenwick & West LLP.
Fenwick logo
January 2021
The organization launched our bi-monthly newsletter, Twitter, and Slack groups focused on informing professionals about job opportunities in venture capital and other professional development opportunities, with a focus on Latino/a professionals and allies.
Gif of a taco flying
April 2021
The group launched its inaugural class of 22 Fellows. The Fellowship is focused on early career professionals aiming to break into VC. Speakers from the industry and the SomosVC community taught different core topics on what it takes to do the job.
May 2021
The SomosVC community had a remote cooking event; we came together and made tacos!
July 2021
SomosVC launched a mentorship program connecting junior Latino/a venture professionals with senior venture professionals. Learn more about the program here.
November 2021
SomosVC created a space for Founding GPs to showcase their firms to the community and build relationships with LPs.
March 2022
SomosVC officially received its 501(c)(3) designation.
July 2022
SomosVC welcome its Executive Director, Mariela Salas, to the team.
November 2022
SomosVC hosted its inaugural Annual Summit, the first gathering of its kind.
June 2023
SomosVC hosted its inaugural Avanza Summit, an educational and professional development event for pre-partner VCs.

SomosVC welcomed its Director of Program Operations & Marketing, Mitzi Benavides, to the team.
June 2023
SomosVC hosted its inaugural Avanza Summit, an educational and professional development event for pre-partner VCs.
October 2023
The organization changed its name from LatinxVC to SomosVC.