Sergio Monslave

Roble Ventures

Sergio Monsalve is Founding Partner at Roble Ventures, which is an early stage technology venture capital fund focused on investing in human enablement technologies, which includes workplace productivity cloud software, remote work platforms, skills development technologies and job-creating marketplaces. His whole focus at Roble is to fund entrepreneurs interested in helping all humans get ahead with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion from inception. Sergio started his venture career as a Partner at Norwest Venture Partners for 12 years where he was an early investor and board member of 2 unicorns, including Udemy ($6.5Bn), and Adaptive Insights (Sold to Workday for $1.6Bn). At Roble, Sergio has invested in 10 companies including an early investment in Kahoot! ($6B) and Clerio Vision (2022 IPO).