Lister Delgado

IDEA Fund Partners

Lister Delgado co-founded IDEA Fund Partners in 2006 as a seed and early stage technology focused fund in Durham, NC.  Today, IDEA Fund Partners is considered one of the most active and successful early stage funds in the South East region.  In his role at IDEA Fund Partners, Lister is responsible for all aspects of the venture process, from opportunity sourcing and negotiation to management of portfolio investments.

Prior to IDEA Fund Partners, Lister was part of the corporate investment team at MCNC Ventures, a technology focused fund investing in early stage companies in North Carolina. In 2006, concurrent with his investment responsibilities, Lister led the design and implementation of the NC IDEA grants program. The NC IDEA Grants program is today a key source of seed funding and validation for new companies in the state of North Carolina.

Lister started his career in the telecommunications and semiconductor industries, he worked for five years, first at AT&T Bell Labs, and later at Lucent Technologies, in a range of technical roles, from ASIC design to software development and systems engineering.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship and company formation and has been an early stage investor and advisor to entrepreneurs since 2001. During his career, Lister has led the evaluation of thousands of companies and has been a close advisor to hundreds of startups. Currently, he manages several active portfolio investments for IDEA Fund Partners as director, board observer, or investor including 71Lbs, Adrich, Allvision, InsightFinder, Klearly, Pendo, Qoreboard, Reveal Mobile, Second Nature (previously: FilterEasy), Sift Media, Silbo, and Spiffy.

Lister received a ScB in Electrical Engineering from Brown University, an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.